About us

Owners Eva Katz and Chef Tamas Benkovics welcome you to Sunnyside Café! They have partnered to create an elegant dining experience for breakfast, lunch, and dinner just for you.

All our dishes are made from scratch using the freshest ingredients. Breakfast and lunch are served six days a week, and diner is offered five days a week. We opened our doors on December 2, 2014, as a popular breakfast and lunch spot. Over the years we have had many requests to open for dinner so, in 2019 we expanded our hours and created a casual, upscale dinner menu.

We specialize in serving Mangalica pork, a Hungarian breed of free-range pig that is one of the tastiest pork meats in the world, due to its ample marbling. Mangalica is also very high in Omega-3s and natural antioxidants. Eva Katz: Eva runs the front of the house, and she immediately makes you feel welcome. She is also in charge of the wine list, and she selects wines that complement Chef Tamas' dishes -they are matches made in culinary heaven!

Chef Tamas Benkovics: Trained in classic European cuisine, Chef Tamas began his culinary career at the early age of 12, working for a local restaurant in the seaside town where his family vacationed. A graduate of the Culinary School of Budapest, Chef Tamas has worked in five-star restaurants throughout Europe cooking for heads of state, royals, and dignitaries